Saturday, January 23, 2016

Google Drive Phishing Attack

Issued in the interest of Everyone!!!!

Google Drive Phishing attacks.
There is a phishing attack going on (If you want to read more about phishing read this article: )

When you get an email from someone you know saying "See the remaining document here on google drive." or "Did you receive the list of items which I have sent earlier?" Be warned it is it is 99% a phishing attack. When you click the link it will take you to a cloned google drive page which will ask your detail DO NOT LOGIN. If you do they will have your details and send everyone in your address book the same email with the same link. If you do click and enter your details there is a high chance google will block your ID.
How to know if it is a phishing attack. It is simple. 
1. Ask the person who sent the email to you if they did.
2. The official google drive link is BUT the email will say googledrive. com .. DO NOT ENTER YOUR DETAILS on googledrive. com

Screenshot of Sample emails (How they Look)

Sample 1
Sample 2

Screenshot of ORIGINAL and ATTACK 



ORIGINAL says: "One account. All of Google"
ATTACK says "Google Drive. One storage"

Original asks you username then password
Attack asks username and password at same time

There are more differences.
BE SAFE..!!!!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

HP - Bad Laptops, Worst Customer Care - Cheaters and Liers

I want to start by saying why I made the terrible mistake of buying a HP Laptop. The reason is very simple I had two HP - Compaq laptops before this and both lasted over 4 years and both of them worked flawlessly, not once they needed a single service. I changed to upgrade to a better configuration, but who knew I was downgrading.

From the moment I bought my *new* laptop in December of 2011 the problems started. I went to an authorized HP World in Santa Cruz (West), Mumbai and picked out a decent laptop (Model: DV6 - 6154 TX) for Rs. 50,000. While purchasing the laptop I asked the person to give me an extended 2 years warranty as I wanted to be safe. He replied that I need not purchase the 2 years warranty at that time as I could do it anytime before the expiry of the official 1 year warranty (Lie no.1)

I took my laptop to Pune and within a few days the keyboards "." got stuck. I called HP and they replaced it. (issue). After a few days my laptop started overheating on any graphic heavy application or games which used to work fine with my old machine. According to HP my new laptop which has a much better configuration than my previous laptop does not support ANY games (although it has a dedicated 1GB ATI Radeon 6490M graphics card). After some furious mails finally they replaced my motherboard (issue no. 2) and everything started working fine. Now I can go on about every issue I have ever faced in the last 1.5 years or I can just give you the jist.

Parts replaced                                          Number of times

Motherboard                                                      4
Keyboard                                                           3
USB hub                                                            2
Front cover                                                        1
DVD drive                                                         1
Speakers                                                            1

Total parts replace                                             12

In these many parts replacement HP could have made a new laptop

Everytime a part was replaced a new issue came up almost immediately and for every issue I have had heated arguments with HP. Facing difficulty last year in September I decided that this laptop is going to give me more trouble so lets get extended warranty for 2 years. When I called HP the representative said that  since I did not buy the 2 years extended warranty with the laptop I can just extend my warranty for 1 year and next year I could extend it again for 1 more year. (Cheat no. 1. Lie no. 2). So this year I tried to get my warranty extended for another year but HP said that I can not extend my warranty now, I should have done it last year itself (Lie no. 3)

Everytime I lodge a complaint for some reason HP can not reach me at the my given number. The whole world keeps contacting me on those numbers BUT HP has "special" telephones which refuse to dial my number it seems. (Lies. cant even count)

Everytime HP just calls you when they like and will not even show up at the promised time. If they say 1:30pm then you can expect them to reach by 4pm. HP thinks we are waiting for them.

Latest issue which pushed me over the edge
My left speaker was not working so they came to check my laptop. They came and just checked nothing else. They ordered the speaker. When they replaced the speaker still there was no sound. So HP asked me to format my laptop (I dont know for what reason HP thinks that formatting can fix hardware issues, formatting so can not). I formatted still the speakers did not work so HP ordered a new motherboard.
When the FIRST motherboard came it was damaged when received (something called DOA), so they had to order the motherboard again.
When they received the new motherboard they started calling me while I was in middle of a seminar. I kept disconnecting the phone but HP could not understand that if I disconnecting means I am busy. So I finally picked up the phone the person was so rude she said that if I don't get the motherboard replaced that day she will void my case, I got angry and hung up. Finally she sent me an email the snapshot is attached below. The line to read is in red.

The engineer who had to visit me was not Dilip but was Sunil (Lie no. 3).  The reason I marked the line is to show how HP treats its customers. The real shocking thing is that HP has the guts to make such remarks when their system and processes are not in place as the motherboard they sent was WRONG. Find the picture below of the motherboard they sent the missing port has been marked by the on-site engineer.

Finally, the correct motherboard came and the HP engineer graciously came on time to replace it. On replacing the motherboard I found that the left speaker was squeaking in comparison with right speaker. Even the engineer notice this tremendous difference in volume between the left and the right speakers. He called his superior to inform about the problem. His superior told him to tell me that the left speaker doesnt work well and the laptop is fixed. It is a clear indication on the quality of HP laptops, HP themselves are saying that their machines are crappy. Using my phone I took a decibel test using the same loop of music to show the difference.

Right only

Left only

As it is clearly seen there is a clear 20dB sound difference between the two speakers. 

Finally, I got another mail filled with lies from HP. The famous HP lie "We can not reach you.". HP can not reach me because it is a company of liers and cheaters. 

I understand if once my number is not reachable. But according to HP both my numbers at all times are not reachable. They are reachable ONLY when they want to  contact me. To prove my point even further I am attaching a couple of more images of emails where they have said unable to reach you.

Going through my inbox I found some very interesting mails between me and HP.

HP closing the case without me giving a sign off and the email id from which they send mails does not accept mails.

Another heated email to HP. (Sorry for the spelling mistakes, had typed it on a phone in a hurry while being angry)

The reason to above mail

Another mail to HP

These are just few of the MANY mails I have written to HP.

So after all this, my conclusion and advice to everyone is:


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

You are the one..

You are the one..

You are the one, the only one who I want to hug so close.

You are the one, the only one who swims, flies in my thoughts.

You are the one, the only one who takes all my sorrows away.

You are the one, the only one whose smile makes me smile. 

You are the one, the only one who lightens up my whole world.

You are the one, the only one who is my morning, noon, evening and night.

You are the one, the only one who makes me feel like I never felt before.

You are the one, the only one I want to be with forever.

You are the one, the only one who completes me.
Without you I am incomplete.

You are the one and only for me
I shall love you forever more

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to: Download Youtube Videos via server

Threat management system are very strict when it comes to youtube access. Maximum security softwares scan for the word "Youtube" in the domain and block the domain. Which makes common youtube download scripts and sites also useless.

A way to get around this is by using https proxy so that the filter does not know where you are going, but these are painstakingly slow.
Thinking over it I devised an idea, what if a server downloads the video for you and then just simply passes the video to you.

 I had been using youtube-dl on my vps for quite some time. But this was only for me and everytime I had to login to ssh. I wanted this to happen through the webpage for this I wrote a code.

To use this you will need the following:

1. A server with root access
2. PHP
3. youtube-dl  (latest version)

Index.html  (For instructions ad other formalities)

 <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" type="text/css" media="screen"/>  
 <div align="center">  
 <h1 style="color: #ffffff;"> How to use this site (youtube downloading)</h1>  
 <p><span style="color: #ffffff;">  
 You will need the youtube url<br><br>  
 1. On the next page paste the youtube url <br>  
 2. Type a unique name by which you want to save the file by (no spaces)<br>  
 3. Click Submit<br>  
 4. Wait for page to load (the server is downloading the file)<br>  
 5. Check if the file has been downloaded 100% (at the end of the mad code)<br>  
 6. Click the Download link<br>  
 7. After downloading click the remove link to remove the file (this is VERY important as the server has very limited space)<br>  
 <button onclick="location.href='index23.html'">Let's GOOOOOO (CLick me!)</button>  
 P.S. Videos banned in Germany cant be downloaded as the server is in Germany (Most music videos)  

Index23.html   (For taking the Youtube url from the user)

 <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" type="text/css" media="screen"/>  
 <form action="welcome.php" method="post">  
 <p><span style="color: #ffffff;">Youtube url: <input type="text" name="fname" />  
 File name: <input type="text" name="age" /></span></p>  
 <input type="submit" />  

welcome.php  (Download the video and generate download url and deletion url)

 <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" type="text/css" media="screen"/>  
 <p><span style="color: #ffffff;">  
 $fe = $_POST['fname'];  
 $ag = $_POST['age'];  
 $out = "youtube-dl -o ".$ag.".mp4 ".$fe;  
 echo 'Downloading the file <br><br>';  
 $output = passthru ($out);  
 echo $output;  
 echo '<br><br>';  
 $rt = "".$ag.".mp4";  
 echo '<a href="' .$rt.'">click here to download your video</a>';  
 echo '<br><br>';  
 echo '<a href="remove.php' . '?ag2=' .$ag.'">click here to remove the video</a>';  

remove.php  (To remove the downloaded video and save space on server)

 <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" type="text/css" media="screen"/>  
 <p><span style="color: #ffffff;">  
 $ag = $_GET['ag2'];  
 $yu = "rm ".$ag.".mp4";  
 $we = exec ($yu);  
 echo $we  
 <h1 style="color: #ffffff;">Thank you for Removing the file...</h1>  

That's it..!! Now you can download videos via your server

You can download the code from here: Click here

P.S. This is a very rough code.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Her Mysterious Ways

One look from her eyes,
So dark, so brown,
Put him under her spell.

One smile from her lips,
Make his heart skip a beat, 
Knock him off his feet.

Her voice so pure,
Her magic,
her laughter,
Her joy so uplifting

For her magic, Her charms,
Her mysterious ways,
Enchant him, Capture him,
For all his days.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Green Design Expert

Recently I have started a new project..
It called "Green Design Expert"

It would really help my cause if you could visit the page: 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Every Moment

Every Moment

Every moment I wish I could be with you,

Every moment with you is the most magical moment,

Every moment away from you I spend thinking of you,

Every moment I am alive I want to be lost in your eyes,

Every moment I spend with you is like a beautiful dream come true,

I want to spend every moment of every second of every day just being with you.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bye Bye Btjunkie

After months of searching for a good torrent site I had finally found home in Btjunkie. With its awsome database, verified torrents and no pornographic ads Btjunkie was the BEST torrent site to go to.
But thanks to the FBI and other agencies to scare off Btjunkie and have even more control over peoples life..!!
The thing I will miss the most are the verified and high speed torrents which never gave crap. Check for the verification and you know its good to download. Not even once I had got some useless thing from it.
Well, as all good things come to an end so did my romance with Btjunkie. You will  be MISSED ALOT.!!

My tribute to the MOST amazing site ever..!!

Now back to downloading useless things looking for the real deal.. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Angry Bird Hoax

I recently have seen many people sharing pic of an angry bird which the pic claims that it is real.. The shocking part was that everyone had shared the same pic.. So I did my own research and found out that they are genuine paintings made by Mohamed Raoof from India (just paintings..!!!) .... Here are all 7 paintings by him..
 Hats off to him..!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rumor: Contact lens melt on the eye

I just saw many people posting that contact lens melt with the eye and cause people to go blind.
Here is the exact article :
"A 21 year old guy had worn a pair of contact lenses during a barbecue party.(An event or meal at which food is cooked outdoors over an open grill or fire)
While barbecuing he stared at the fire charcoals continuously for 2-3 minutes.
After a few minutes, he started to scream for help and moved rapidly, jumping up and down.
No one in the party knew why he was doing this?

Then he admitted into the Hospital, the doctor said he'll be blind permanently because of the contact lenses that he had worn.
Contact lenses are made by plastics, and the heat from the charcoal melted
his contact lenses

The Analysis:

Here are some facts from my experience and you will find them true if you google also..

Firstly, I wear contact lenses on a regular basis.. I can safely say that this is false and a rumor..
and  I have even barbequed many times wearing contact lens.. The only thing which will makes you jump up and down is when any small splinter (dust) blows into your eyes and causes irritation..
However, the fact that prolonged wear of contact lens does make the removal of contact a bit tough (not impossible), but just putting a few drops of lubricating drops solves this also..!!

Another point that before the contact lens melts they get dehydrated and turn into brittle glass which in no case can remain in the eye. (around 82% of contact lens is water) . They are disinfected near 121 degrees  Celsius (  at  even when disinfecting them, they are kept in an aqueous medium to prevent them from dehydrating..

The bottom line is, before the contact lenses melt on your eyes, your face’s skin might have burnt out.

Finally,  Contact lens are made from SILICA (silicone hydrogels)...!!! NOT Plastics..!!! (silicone hydrogels to be precise)

Kindly, note that this is a rumor nothing else..