Friday, July 23, 2010

Nokia "Nothing is in Warrenty"

I have a Nokia N97 facing too many trobles even with customer care..
I have started mailing them and will update this space..

 This is a message regaring my experience with nokia customer care.. dealing with my N97

I had got my N97 las year and from the begining it was giving some problem. Initally Nokia care were very supportive.

In April my unlocking key came off all on its own noia care said "sir, his is an accessary and is not covered in warrenty". I love my N97. I said OK. and paid them around Rs2000 for the replacement and additional for extending my warrenty.

That was in bhopal.

Recently, I had to come to delhi for two months. and my cell was giving problem in charging and the Menu key was not working/. Mainly due to the charging problem I went to the Nokia care in Hudson lane at delhi.

Out there I found out that the customer care at Bhopal had not extended my warrenty. Anyways my cell was still in warrenty by one day. SO they took my cell. After half an hour of waiting they called me in and showed me tiny white dot even not worth mentioning. According to them liquid had entered which spoiled my Menu key. (Myself being a geek am very careful.) SO they said warrenty was void. I took back my cell being frustrated. Being an engineer in electronics and communication I am fully aware of the fact that any electronics that gets spoiled will show some signs either a whitness or burning. So according to Nokia "Nothing is in warrenty??" because either there will be "something cosmetic" or "something black (burned)" or "something white (liquid)" which is NOT covered under warrenty.

Being a Nokia fan I am beining to think that being faithful to Nokia may be my biggest mistake..