Saturday, January 23, 2016

Google Drive Phishing Attack

Issued in the interest of Everyone!!!!

Google Drive Phishing attacks.
There is a phishing attack going on (If you want to read more about phishing read this article: )

When you get an email from someone you know saying "See the remaining document here on google drive." or "Did you receive the list of items which I have sent earlier?" Be warned it is it is 99% a phishing attack. When you click the link it will take you to a cloned google drive page which will ask your detail DO NOT LOGIN. If you do they will have your details and send everyone in your address book the same email with the same link. If you do click and enter your details there is a high chance google will block your ID.
How to know if it is a phishing attack. It is simple. 
1. Ask the person who sent the email to you if they did.
2. The official google drive link is BUT the email will say googledrive. com .. DO NOT ENTER YOUR DETAILS on googledrive. com

Screenshot of Sample emails (How they Look)

Sample 1
Sample 2

Screenshot of ORIGINAL and ATTACK 



ORIGINAL says: "One account. All of Google"
ATTACK says "Google Drive. One storage"

Original asks you username then password
Attack asks username and password at same time

There are more differences.
BE SAFE..!!!!!