Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bandwidth got is less than what is specified

The question "Why is the bandwidth specified by the operators always less than the bandwidth which we get?" has bugged me for ages I did some research and here is a small explanation. I have made the image so sorry if not that good.

Image :
The bandwidth which the operators is the speed of the switch and the switch may be connected to 'n' number of computers. So if the bandwidth specified is 5 MBps and 5 computers are surfing from the switch the bandwidth each computer will get is 1 MBps. Which is less than specified the only case in which a computer will get full 5 MBps bandwidth is when rest of the 4 computers are off.
Hope this is enough...


ONE said...

nice try..
but you're sadly misinformed..

when a service provider says you'll get speeds upto 2 Mbps, you WILL get speeds up to 2 Mbps...
but the reason you dont ALWAYS get that speed is.. YOU DONT NEED IT!!

when you're using gmail, for instance, just 8 Kbps is enough.. so, the pipeline established is for the above speed only, it's enough for your mailing stuff...
now when you use Youtube, then you'll see the speed jump upto 256 Kbps or more.. again.. depending on need..

got it?

Ntweat said...

Thanks for the information but i am presently working for an ISP and i am the network administrator of my college... and i have seen the physical and logical connections everywhere they all point to the same point of this... and i have tried and verified my information before publishing.. so if you can direct me to some website which has the details it would be very helful