Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mobile Messaging and chatting

I love chatting be it any kind pc, mobile, sms etc and Messaging also ....
In the age of the new high tech GPRS and mobile phones with wi fi facility i started to search for sites and software to chat on the go.... here is the best i have found online...


MyGamma : (Comp link : wap link : )

My old time favorite using it since late 2005 when Airtel gave GPRS for Rs. 99 only...
but had stopped using it since it had become paid now again its free so logged in again
its a web based service i liked the interface it easy to use and understand... very simple... have met many cool frndz out there and i m still in touch with one of them...

Mygamma web interface is cool but slow while the wap interface is fast but buggy....
Mygamma requires u to have a cell phone as the login anme will be your phone number and for verification purposes....

You will find many people of different countries on this site...
at any given time there are more than 500 people online from india itself..

There are many ad links on the wap version of the site u may want to visit them also like
and many more have not visited all

Friends and flirt

This is available only for mobile phones... you can download it from the following links and install it on your mobile

alternatively u can also search it and download it from

It is a Java based software so it shoud work on any Java enabled cell phones....

I like the interface of the software its nice easy to understand and use even for 1st timers...

I have used it on Nokia E90 via both GPRS and wi fi it works very well

The main and major drawback is that there are not many people online on it from around the world maxximum i have found are 33 and max girls 6 online at same time

PS. Like all chatting site even above sites have guys faking to be girls so BEWARE!!!

My Nick for both the above site is Ntweat ...


Agile messenger

I have used Agile messenger again back in 2005 i loved it it has everythinh meant for chatting vedio voice image sharing it wonderful but due to high usage of their service Agile messenger has become paid a sad thing..


Presently I am using this for messaging on Gtalk , Yahoo, MSN and it also has AIM
not as good as Agile but free... easy interface sound on message recieved... not extra stuff like video or image or voice etc..

Hope this helps everyone....


ONE said...

If i may say so..
you missed out the following:

Gmail for mobile
Blogger for mobile
Yahoo messenger for mobile

Ntweat said...

This post was for mainly which people did not know about i will check them out personally and update the blog cheers