Wednesday, April 1, 2009

DC HR round

Well as I am leaving my college we needed someone to come in my place as the admin of the DC server and more than the technical knowledge in the person we needed to see if the person was trustworthy and compatible with the current working of the team for that i broke my head and created a list of 20 questions (some of them are trick ). many of the question dont have a fixed answer but let us know about the person.

Here they are


  1. What is the full form of DC.

2. What more facilities can you add on the server to make it better

  1. What are the current facilities available on the server

  1. Which all programming language you know (except C, C++)

  1. If your friend needs some information which you can provide about any user for some purpose. How will you handle the situation.

  1. Give a breif discription about the BIT Network. (eg. How many servers are there. What is dependent on what)

  1. If your friend starts abusing on mainchat. How will you react

  1. What do you hope to gain from joining the DC Hub admin team.

  1. Where is the DC server placed

  1. Which faculty member is incharge of DC.

  1. Any prvious experince of hacking, website desinging, etc

  1. what is the name of the hub software being used.

  1. What is the name of the software monitoring the DC.

  1. Which flavour of linux is the server running on

  1. Write a secure pasword.

  1. How often a password should be changed

  1. you have noticed that the server has crashed (getting it up will ake hrs) and at that time you have to go out with someone (eg. Girl frnd) What will you do?

  1. Have you ever used linux If yes, the which flavour and for how many days?

  1. If a girl complaints of a guy abusing her in private chat. What action will you take?

  1. If the server crashes for a day. What will you do that the students dont feel the inconvenience.

a) Server has crashed but the network is working.

b) Network is disconnected.


सेतू said...

Hey Just today I was telling my flatmate of what all used to happen on our LAN & ofcourse DC n how it took away my Hard Disk... fun times.. wr they...
Neways, wht is the new admin team like??

Ntweat said...

Well.. thy sure were the new admin team is good although they dont have it as easy as us... still.. and they have done an amazing job with BIT LUG the site will be up shortly... ;)