Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nokia N900 : Getting Root

I got my N900 and wanted to do something.. after a alot of surfing I found ways and this is just to make it easy for everyone else..

First stop... Getting root access..
Remember that "sudo" password does not work so you will have to break it.. here is how in simple steps

There are different methods for Root Access, but this one is simplest.
  1. First of all you need to enable the “Extras”. You can do it by simply opening this link on your maemo device. You can do it manually as well:
    1. Go into the Application manager.
    2. Tap the menu -> Tools -> Application catalog…
    3. Double-tap maemo Extras.
    4. Uncheck Disabled.
  2. Now install this Rootsh on your device.
  3. Open xTerminals on your device and run this command sudo gainroot
  4. Now you are able to access the root of your device.

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